About Us

We bring the running community together in creating a positive impact.

Aid Station Project is a non-profit initiative created by a group of enthusiastic runners who want to add more meaning to running events.

Our aim is to bring direct help for the people in need by monetising each step that you take during our virtual challenges.

100% of the money collected will be used to finance specific projects with NGOs and the collections are transferred by the runners themselves.

With the current situation of the pandemic, we are focusing only on virtual running challenges. Hopefully in the near future, we can proceed towards a physical event.

Our Story

In 2020 Daniel and Olaf entered a 24h running challenge with the intention to collect money for the people in Log-Logo, a village in Kenya that was highly affected by the negative economic impacts from the global pandemic. Combined, they managed to raise almost 20,000 SEK (€ 2,000). Shortly after, Daniel’s wife, Salandi, traveled to Kenya and was able to purchase food supplies that helped more than 100 families survive during that period.

If only 2 regular runners were able to help so many people, what if the bigger running community gets involved as well? How many more can we help then? That was how the Aid Station Project was born.

Meet The Team

Our partners

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