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  • Can I register for few categories?

yes and no. Yes if you choose 24h elevation + any distance category. No if you want to choose distance category + distance category.

  • When is the deadline to register?

There is no deadline, registration is open till day before race day 1st of October.​

  • Is it free of charge, any hidden costs?

It is 100% free to participate.

  • What is the participants limit?

It is 10 000 per category.


Find your supporters

  • Why do I need a supporter/sponsors?

It is because you are asked to gather founds for humanitarian project. We want to bring the running community together in creating positive impact.

  • Can I sponsor my own run?

Yes, absolutely and we suggest to send 500 SEK/50€ to the NGO. If it is too much just ask some friends to sponsor acc to below suggestions.

  • How should I find my supporters?

The best way is to use your social media audience by posting something like that: Hej! On 2-3 October I will attempt to break my personal distance record during charity run called Aid Station Project. My goal is... and I would like to ask you to send ...SEK for each km that I run. 100% of the money will be used to help homeless children in Nepal. Let me know if you would like to be part of this great project!

  • How many supporters should I have?

As many as you wish so you can contribute with bigger sum to the NGO.​

We encourage you to have a minimum goal of 500 SEK/50€.*

Below is a suggested sum that you can ask your sponsors:

6h - 3 SEK/km (0,3 € or 0,3 $ per km)  e.g. 5 sponsors x 40km = 600SEK

12h - 2 SEK/km 0,2 € or 0,2 $ per km) e.g. 4 sponsors x 80km = 640SEK

24h - 1 SEK/km (0,1 € or 0,1 $ /km) e.g. 5 sponsors x 100km = 500SEK

* This is so that we can forecast for the NGOs and allow them to plan their projects accordingly. Remember, the NGOs will do most of the work, (we just run) so let us make it easier for them.


Tracking your run

  • When is the run?

You can run any time during the weekend 2-3 Oct 2021. The possible start time can be anywhere after 00:01 on the 2nd Oct and you should finish latest at 23.59 on the 3rd Oct.

  • What if I already planned other race during 2-3 Oct?

No worries! You can combine it with Aid Station Project and use km that you will run during other race to finance a good cause project.

  • Where is the run?

Since it is a virtual run you can do it anywhere on planet Earth. Only requirement: it must be outdoor, not on a treadmill. 

  • How should I record my activity?

You can use any GPS watch or any Running app (STRAVA, Runkeeper, Endomondo, Nike+) on your mobile phone. Important is to record it as a single activity and save it as a Public. (You will be asked to share the link to your activity as a proof.)

  • How do I record my run as a single activity?

We recommend to continuously record your activity during whole duration of your category (6-24h). You can also pause if you are planning longer breaks.

  • How do I make sure my battery last for 12 or 24h?

We recommend you carry small power bank to recharge your device on-the-go or plug in during longer breaks. Always make sure your device won't die during the run.

  • Can I have breaks during my run?

Yes of course.  You simply pause your tracking device or keep recording. You can use power bank to charge your device during breaks or on the go.

You shell stop recording and save your activity only after you’ve completed your category duration (6, 12 or 24 hours).

Save the activity as Public (not private) so you can share the link.



  • How do I upload my results?

At Race ID webpage, it is very simple and you will get instructions for it later.

  • Can I see the live leaderboard?

Yes you can follow accumulated distance with link that will be provided later.

  • Is there any prize for the winner?

Yes we will have nice prize for the best woman and man in all categories.


Money & transparency

  • Ho do I send money to the NGO after the run?

You don't need to worry about this. Your supporters can send the money directly to the NGO and payment details we will be provided later. You will share with them payment details and your kilometre achievement.

  • If ASP is free to participate how do you make money to cover operating costs?

There will be a unique race T-shirts and other finisher products available for on-line purchase. There is also a 'donate' button for those who wish to support us.

  • How can I trust that NGO will use money in the right way?

We have chosen and verified NGOs carefully based on their transparency and certifications like Insamlingskontroll. We will share results and achievements after the race.

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